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set item level security in SharePoint

A flow should be able to change the permission of an item in a SharePoint List/document library; this is a very popular pattern in Sharepoint workflows


Serge Luca

SharePoint MVP

Status: Completed

Hi all,


The following two actions should now be available:

1. Grant access to an item or a folder

2. Stop sharing an item or folder


Please check out these new actions in the SharePoint connector and let us know if you have any feedback! 






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@cardinalpipkin thanks for the update. 


I've submitted the idea and I still believe it is important; the workaround Is to create an Azure function that does it; the Azure function can be invoked from the Http action.

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@sergeluca how have you implemented the http action?


I'm stuck with the authentication!



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@sergeluca that also presumes you have permissions in your organisation to create an Azure function. I don't Smiley Frustrated


correct; but then we can use the REST api from the Http action


@Anonymous   here is one of my blog post

The Azure function has a public url; as long as your provide the good url & code it should work.

In the function settings my authorization level is set to "function" (I believe it is the default one)



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@sergeluca is that an alternative to not having permission to create an Azure function?

I used to use REST in my old SPD workflows.

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I want to update my SPD workflows to flow, but I can't since a lot of them update permissions.

Helper V

It is now possible with the help of Plumsail SharePoint (Third-party connector), which is a part of Plumsail Actions product with a fair price.


There is an action, called Change Permissions that gives you the ability to:

  • Grant Permissions on Site
  • Remove Permissions from Site
  • Remove All Permissions from Site
  • Restore Permissions Inheritance for Site
  • Grant Permissions on List
  • Remove Permissions from List
  • Remove All Permissions from List
  • Restore Permissions Inheritance for List
  • Grant Permissions on Item
  • Remove Permissions from Item
  • Remove All Permissions from Item
  • Restore Permissions Inheritance for Item

Here are a couple of examples of Flows:

Set item level permissions (break role inheritance and assign permissions)

Create site by custom template and grant permissions



that is very interesting; thanks for the heads up