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sharepoint news

It would be good if we could have news article connectors as part of the sharepoint connector series.


example, if i publish a new article on a sharepoint site, i can then perform a series of actions with this artcile, send it out, post it to teams etc.


i can't seem to find anyone else suggesting doing something with the news articles function within sharepoint.

Status: New
Advocate II

This is one of the major complaints I have from staff who used to have automatic emails created. We had used Bamboo Alerts while we had SharePoint 2013 onsite and it was cost prohibitive when we migrated to SharePoint Online to bring over that option. We had high hopes that this would be something available from Flow sooner than later.

It would be incredible if it was sent out in the same format as if you were using the "Send by email" option in the News App.  It does not seem as if even if we had the ability to pick the Site Pages in Flow to then send email via the outlook connector, it would include it in the format that you would get by using the site.