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skype for business presence detection in flow

Can you please allow MS Flow to see the skype for business presence/status of other people in the company.

In sharepoint or outlook I can simply see if people are online, why not in flow?

There is no point in sending an IM if people are not online.

Seeing if people are in the office or connected from elsewhere is also useful, same as an out-of-office indication.


Can you expose these objects: {Status}, {Location}, {OutOfOffice}.


I'm not sure if these would be useful as trigger actions, but I do see myself using these objects in the flow conditions. 


Thanks  🙂

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While I'm waiting for some form of presence to become available, I noticed when sending IM's to people, I do get a body response, so I get feedback if the message was sent or not.

This might be for the time, useful to decide if a mail or another action is appropriate.


The body can contain:

  • ReceiverOffline
  • Sent

But it can be more complex like:

  "error": {
    "code": 404,
    "source": "",
    "clientRequestId": "9c2b70db-cd11-410a-91ed-7d4f86bd306e",
    "message": "The response is not in a JSON format.",
    "innerError": "\"ReceiverNotFound\""


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How did you get this response?

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Hi @TomasKutac,


I use 'actions' to get that.


I fill a variable with the output of actions('Send_an_instant_message'), where 'Send_an_instant_message' is the name of the skype connector