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webURL for teams messages sent by Flow Bot OR capability to reply (not just post) with Flow Bot

Current Situation: A webURL is automatically generated for teams messages sent by people. However, this is not the case for teams messages sent by flow bots. Also, people can reply to messages posted on channels but flow bots can only post (cannot reply).


Motivation: We want to notify which approval has been recently accepted by providing a link to the original approval request message sent by the flow bot.

Other scenarios can be when we want to automatically notify about approval messages that have not been answered after a long period of time. It is an easy mistake for people to accidentally forget about replying to an approval request.

If we re-send the same message, it is easy for people to get confused about which approval request is the same as which.

Thus, if we can automatically send a webURL of the Flow Bot message, we can notify the approver that we are still waiting for approval without confusing the approver with duplications. Or if we can notify the approver by automatically "@" mentioning the approval request with a reply to the initial post, again, we can notify the approver without creating duplicates.

Status: New