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when windows event is triggered, run trobleshooter



A little background information: my ISP and their infinite wisdom, decided after 10 IPs are connected wirelessly to their modem, their network has the right to disable the longest running IP that been connected. In my opinion, I see why they did this, but in today's digitally connected world, it should be higher than 10.


This is causing me to every time I want to use my PC, that I have to run the Windows troubleshooter for my ethernet connection so it can "reset" the internet connector and grab a fresh IP. This causes two problems, 1) it's annoying that I have to run the troubleshooter every time I use my PC and 2) its stopped me 90% of the time from being able to connect to my PC when I am away remotely. I cannot switch ISPs. 


When I am looking for is if Microsoft Flow or a Service like IFTTT can run the Windows Network Troubleshooter in the background everytime Windows Explorer sees that this PC has lost its connection.


I am looking for alternatives before I go out and buy my wireless router as I know that would fix my issue, however, I would rather not have another thing sucking up power in my network closet. Any ideas if Flow or IFTTT would be helpful. Thanks!

Status: New