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Can not login on Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android version 8.0.0, App version: 2.36.0)

Using "Normal" mode:

After entering my password I receive the error: "There was a problem signing in. Please try again, or sign in with a different account"


Using "GCC" mode:

I am able to get passed the login screen, but get stuck on the "welcome to power automate: before you start, please choose your country and accept the terms screen" with the error "It seems there was a problem. Please Try Again"



  • Verified login credentials (I can sign on using a borrowed IOS device just fine)
  • Deleted app/cache
  • Uninstalled, and re-installed the app -- multiple times.


Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7

Android version: 8.0.0

App version: 2.36.0

Helper I
Helper I

the same issues on 


OPPO A5 2020



instead, login well on






1. uinstall the app on your device (exit from BETA test)

2. search power flow 2.35.0 apk on Search Engine

3. install app v.2.35.0

4. login

 problem solved


if you want the latest version, you can update from PlayStore


tested on the devices where previously don't work well


Same issue here on Samsung S7 + same issue with 2.35.0 apk  😞

I am experiencing the same issues with a Note 8. I have tried re-installing, clearing cache, deregistering in Authenticator app, the downgraded APK, etc.

I now have a case open w/ MS support and if they can't resolve it, I will wipe/reload my phone.


I have read online that this can be an issue with the Microsoft Authenticator app itself being present on the phone and using the same credentials as the Flow app - however, I have 8 users in here so if I have to remove them all, I might as well reset my phone too for all the hassle of resetting this all up.


The fact that the latest release of Power Automate for Android is from Sept 2019, long before all this modern authentication/MFA stuff became more mandatory, is quite telling to me. Tell me again, Microsoft, about how you and Samsung are working together to make Samsung the "Windows Phone"....

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This solution has been working for me since at least 4 "new password"-cycles and it is getting tedious. 
The site you get the old version from, apk, I just want to scream from all the ads and stuff!
Since every other app from Microsoft works, i wonder why this is so stubborn and impossible to fix?

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