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Introducing Microsoft Power Pages

The evolution of Power Pages since its initial launch as Power Portals in Power Apps in 2016 is a testament to the innovative and creative ways users from around the world have embraced the power of low-code applications. From cities tracking Covid-19 to streamlining healthcare, county governments to hospitality bookings, Power Portals has impacted millions of people and streamlined data management. 


With the introduction of Power Pages, everything that was useful and revolutionary about Power Pages opens into a whole new world of possibilities. Now, everyone can easily create business websites with rich capabilities without years of coding experience. Now, anyone can build on a low-code platform and design the kinds of experiences that connect your customers and partners to the information they need and the services they are looking for. 


Power Pages addresses four key scenarios: 

  • Community Services: Reaching and serving citizens at scale, providing community services like self-service permitting, licensing, incident and outage reporting, and applying for grants. 
  • FAQ Sites: Providing answers to common questions about products, services, special events, policies, and procedures. 
  • Customer Self-Service: Providing 24/7 customer self-services like warranty registration, returns, support inquiries, appointments, and bookings. 
  • Partner Operations: Streamlining business processes with partners such as supplier onboarding, sustainability tracking, inquiry management, and vendor support. 

With the new Power Pages as part of the Power Platform stack, you can build on all that made Power Portals in Power Apps a success—and introduce websites directly into your user experience. It’s an easier way to design and launch beautifully responsive websites—with no coding experience required.  


  • Create with ease using the Design Studio 
  • Choose from ready-to-use templates or build custom pages.  
  • Add functionality from Microsoft products 
  • Build detailed experiences with dashboards, chatbots, and automation from Microsoft Power Platform and other Microsoft services.  
  • Find help in the Learn Hub 
  • Explore guides, tutorials, and how-to videos on configuring your site and working with code components.  
  • Get built-in security and compliance 
  • Protect against vulnerabilities and help secure data with role-based access controls.   
  • Reach a global audience 
  • Localize content in languages for more than 40 countries while meeting global accessibility standards.    



Great initiative. Best of Luck 👍


Great initiative 🙂

Few Points Microsoft should consider while before making Power Pages GA to everyone:

1. Pricing of Power Pages should be carefully done otherwise it will be be big failure on the very first day of Launch. Consider taking clue from other Low Code website developing companies like WIX, WordPress etc. Their plans are very effective when it comes to masses. Microsoft has advantage over these companies when it comes to selling complete Package as Power Platform. So, even if Microsoft decided to keep the Power Pages price say $5 per month still they can earn from other Licenses such as Power Apps and Power BI because anyway to use other applications one has to Pay for them separately. 

2. Keep the pricing model with different options like a). Bundle Price for all Power Platform Applications. b) Power Pages + Power Apps. c) Power Pages + Power Apps + Power BI etc. This way users will be free to add options as per their requirements.

3. Don't confuse users with so many different options during registration. Currently my external guest users without Microsoft account can't use Power Apps without them having Microsoft365 account. Explaining them or getting them on board is hell of task. Please simplify this entire process of authorization and giving access when it comes to Power Pages. Let user who registered on Power Pages will get automatic access to Power Platform applications as per the Admin License bought through Microsoft for Power Pages.

4. If you really want to make Power Platform for masses then simplification of entire process from Designing App to Utilization should be as simple as possible otherwise customers don't give importance to any applications which doesn't work properly very first time. There is always competitors in market providing same or better services. 

I am heavy user of Power Platform from last 5 years and have good vibes about this product could be used for masses but in the end it's entirely depends on Microsoft Policies and strategies to either give life or kill it.