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Power Pages: How to hide profile page for custom web roles?

Pre: Create a Power Pages Site with your desired template or use the Default design template. 


Section 1: Using Portal Management 

1.  Edit the Site using a design studio 

2. Click three little dots ( more items) from the left navigation  > click Portal Management 




3. Under Security > Web Page Access Control Rules > Create a new rule called "Restrict Read on Profile Page" 




4. Hit Save and Close 


NB: Do not associate any web roles with the newly created "Web page access control rules" 


Section 2: Creating & Assigning "SiteUsers" Web role 


1. Under security > Web Roles > Create a new web role called " SiteUsers" 

2. Set the Authenticated users role to "No" 

3. Hit Save 



4. Click Related > Contacts > Choose "Add Existing Contact"  > Add Megan Bowen . Add any siteusers you like. 





5. Hit Save and Close 




1. Example: If Megan Bowen logs in to the site, she will not see the profile page, the profile menu will be hidden from the navigation 



Direct access to the profile page will throw the below error. 






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"Do not associate any web roles with the newly created 'Web page access control rules' "...  why? thank you.