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Slow Power Automate Workflow when Emailing Paginated Report Exports

I am trying to improve the speed of a solution I've built to export Paginated reports into excel and distribute them to a predeterimened email recipient list. For vaious business reasons, I cannot send users straight to Power BI Service, so I created a Power Automate flow that retrieves a list of emails, uses them to filter a paginated report, exports the report based on that email's list of stores, and then sends those exports to the respective emails (pictured below). 


Obviously 2 hours is too long and I'd like to find a better solution. Is there a way to make these run concurrently, or am I missing an absolutely obvious fix I could be using?




Also example images below:



(Power BI Paginated Report Parameters)




I'm not sure about a Premium Per Capacity license, but I do know that a Premium Per User license is insufficient to remove the rate limit. I don't have a Premium Per Capacity license to test it.


We are using premium per user plan only . how to  to spin up  like steps to Embeded capacity you mentioned steps in earlier post

Please help me enabling a Power BI Embedded capacity removes the rate limit. currently we are using Premimum per user plan.


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Here is what I have observed. When I am fetching paginated reports for export in power automate from "Dedicated Capacity" workspace, power Automate completes the job in 5 minutes.

But when I am fetching the exact same paginated reports that are published on a non "dedicated capacity" workspace (workspace created by Premium Per User) then it takes 20 minutes.

I as a user executing the power automate flow has "Premium Per User" license. 

Wondering why power automate is taking more time for one type of workspace as compared to the "Dedicated Capacity" one. Any ideas?


My colleague noticed that running dataflows is also significantly faster in a premium environment. Must be part of the shared resources vs dedicated resources

We worked our way through this.  I have a Premium Per User license.  With this, I created a Premium workspace in our Power BI service.  




We then signed up for Power BI Embedded capacity, and linked the Premium Workspace to the embeded capacity.  The downside to this is that you can only use the reports in that workspace while capacity is running.  The cost of the Embeded Capacity is about $1 per hour ($700 per month), but it is pay as you go, so we use Power Automate to control the reports and the capacity.  

When Power Automate kicks off the flow, it checks the status of the embedded capacity.  If capacity is off, it turns it on, then it runs the reports (about 80), and when the reports have completed, capacity is turned off.  It generally takes about two hours to run the reports, so each one takes about a minute and a half to run publish and email.



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