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need help automating a share point list

so I have a  share point work progress list and an inventory list, when a user selects an inventory item in the work progress list(ns look up column) id like it to change one of the fields from available to in use inside the inventory list



Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Hi @cgabriel22,


Yes, that should be possible with an update item action in a Power Automate flow. You can use the lookup id to find the correct item to update.


Below is an example.


1. Inventory list with a couple of items (Hammer and Screwdriver). This list has Status column which is Single line of text.




2. A Work in Progress list. The Tool column is a lookup column to the inventory list. It selects the title.




3. The setup of the flow with the update item. It uses the Tool Id to lookup the correct item. And sets the status field with In Use.



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