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Dynamics CRM API Update a column with the same value for every row in dataset



I'm trying to update a dataset to have a last refresh date.

Essentially I need a value in every single row in the data set to be updated with today's date.


I can patch individual's one at a time by doing a 

PATCH {{webapiurl}}dataset_name(00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001)

This example updates an existing account record with the dataset_name_id value of 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001

with a body of 

   "lastrefreshdate": "2022-09-07"

This works but the dataset its constantly changing and I would prefer to not have to go in and query every single unique id then iterate through them to update the date or create a batch. 


I am wondering if I can do something where I have a 

PATCH {{webapiurl}}dataset_name
   "lastrefreshdate": "2022-09-07"

with the purpose of updating every single row's lastrefreshdate with the value "2022-09-07"


Does anyone know if this is possible?


Helper V
Helper V

@pkbhfs I think you cant do with dataset. You have Bulk update APIs where you need to pass id and field to update. something like below

"data": [
{"crm_id": "8009df47-a07f-ea11-a811-000d3a363dd3", "lastrefresh": "date"},
{"crm_id": "8609df47-a07f-ea11-a811-000d3a363dd3", "lastrefresh": "date"}

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