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Generate professionally formatted Word document from Dynamics using Power Automate

All - Today, we published a new blog for presenting the content in a professionally formatted Word document using Power Automate. 

Helper II
Helper II

Were you going to share a link? 


Were you going to share a link? 

The link was shared in the original post itself. If you don't see it,  is the link to the blog which has a link to GitHub as well -


This is an action from Plumasail Documents connector, which is a part of Plumsail Actions.

There are two parameters:

DOCX document content

Template data

In the first parameter 'DOCX document content' we specified file content of a template from the output of the previous action. Use this link to download it.

In the second parameter, we specified data to apply to the template in JSON format. This is information about a sample employee. You can actually request this information from an external system with the help of another Microsoft Flow action.

This is our sample data:


   "EmployerFullName": "David Navarro",

   "EmployeeFullName": "Anil Mittal",

   "CompanyName": "Contoso LLC",

   "Position": "Marketing manager",

   "SalaryAmount": "5000",

   "ListOfBenefits": "list of any benefits that come with employment, including healthcare, retirement, gym membership, etc",

   "BonusesPolicyDescription": "annual evaluation",

   "EffectiveDate": "10/27/2017",

   "TerminationDate": "10/27/2018",

   "State": "New York"


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