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Pull and Add Items from SharePoint using Power Virtual Agent

Hi There,


I am working on a Power Virtual Agents bot and a little bit stuck - it should return a column value by searching for an employee ID.


The purpose of the Topic:


  1. Topic triggered by Search, Search employee expression
  2. Chatbox asks for employee ID input
  3. The user gives the employee ID
  4. chatbot search a Sharepoint list (Employee ID is an integer, its unique key but there is another column (string) called Part of Process... :
    1. If there is NO match: The chatbot returns a message: Employee is not in our database, would you like to add the employee to the database?
      1. Yes
        1. Flow asks the user for input for the Part of Process... column
        2. Flow creates a new item with employee ID and add recorded value to the Part of Process... column
      2. No - End of Conversation
    2. If there is a match: The Chatbot finds a match and return the employee's Part of Process... value

My current flows run successfully but no matter what employee ID I search for in the bot it gives me the last entry (last employee's Part of Process... value).


Here I've saved all the Screenshots:


Thanks for any help,



Super User
Super User

Hi @KristofToldi ,


Today, you use the Apply to each to filter or something like that, and your performance will be affected a lot.

I recommend you to use this article to create a filter inside your workflow (Power Automate): Solved: Search SharePoint Site for file - Power Platform Community (


Inside your workflow, create one variable called "Message" as string type. Define per default "Employee is not in our database, would you like to add the employee to the database?"

You will use to define a value inside the Apply to each (with the filter applied above) like Part of Process value.


Also, you will create one variable called "Result" as boolean type.

You will define per default "false" and inside the Apply to each (with filter applied above), you can define as "true".


And finally, you will create two outputs to return to your chatbot.

"Result" - Boolean - using the variable created

"Message" - String - using the variable created


Power Virtual Agents

Inside your topic, create a condition after this workflow, reading the Result variable and see if is 0 or 1 (boolean values come from Power Automate inside PVA is 0 and 1 to true/false).

For each condition, you will show a message using the Message variable (Power Automate).


If is "false", you can create a question if the user wants to create an employee.

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