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Display Shelter Name - Model-driven app Requirement

Hi everyone,


I am stumped on figuring out how to display the name of shelters in my 'Animal' table view.
The first requirement states "View a list of animals displaying name, type, shelter status and shelter name".


Shelter name doesn't exist in the 'Animal table final' Excel data but does exist in the 'Shelter table final' Excel data.
I am trying to display the 'Shelter Name' in a new column in the 'Animal' table by checking if the value in my 'Current Locations' column in my 'Animal' table matches the 'ShelterID' from the 'Animal Shelter' table. If it does match 'ShelterID', display the 'ShelterName' from the 'Animal Shelter' table.

I tried this as a PowerFx formular column called 'Shelter Name', but I couldn't get the attributes I need.

I also added the 'ShelterName' column as a related column in the 'Active Animals' table view for the 'Animal' table, but no results appear. See Animal_Table_View_Related_ShelterName_Column.png


My 'Current Locations' column is a PowerFx formula column with the following code:

Switch('Shelter Status',
'Shelter Status (Animals)'.'In Shelter','Initial Shelter'.ShelterID,
'Shelter Status (Animals)'.'Ready for Foster','Initial Shelter'.ShelterID,
'Shelter Status (Animals)'.'In Foster Home','Foster Claimer'.FosterID,
'Shelter Status (Animals)'.'Claimed for Adoption','Foster Claimer'.FosterID,
'Shelter Status (Animals)'.'Ready for Adoption','Foster Claimer'.FosterID,
'Shelter Status (Animals)'.Adopted,Blank

Although I have followed the learning material, this one has gotten me stuck. I know there is a way, I just can't see it.

I would really appreciate guidance on this so that I can move forward with the other requirements. 


Hello @CN_05,


Sorry for my late reply. Unfortunately I don't know why it doesn't populate any data in your case. I haven't done anything other than what I've already shown in the photos. Maybe you could share some photos of how you've set up the tables/relationship and the formula, and I can try to help? 

I did the same technique but the sort capability is greyed out. We need the ability to sort and filter by shelter name.  Any ideas on how to accomplish this?



New Member

I am still stuck on this step. I've set up the columns like you suggested, but still can't get them to populate. I need to get this done so I can move on from the model driven app. The only reason I can find that this isn't working, is that my tables keep coming in with a different publisher name. Does anyone know how I can remove the default "pu"? 




Do you think that is the issue? 

Hi @jhwilliams,

The publisher's name should not interfere with the columns. The publisher's name is essentially the digital ID of the solution developer. You can read the official documentation on this here: Solution publisher.

You are not able to delete a 'Publisher' but you can edit and existing or create a new, but these options won't resolve your issue of your Shelter Names not populating.

Below are some examples and guidance on things you can check to ensure you have setup your columns correctly.


For comparison, here is a screenshot of my 'Initial Shelter' column in my 'Animal Table'.


The formula in your 'Shelter Name' column should be the following:


'Initial Shelter'.ShelterName


The 'Data type' for this column should be 'Single line of text fx'
Here is a screenshot of my column.


Make sure to adjust your naming conventions to suit your solution.

Hi! I've followed your steps, but the column with the fx formula ends with no records on it...:


Table animals has a lookup column called initial shelter

Table Shelter has a column name text data type called Shelter Name (as it was in the original xlsx file)

Table animals has a newly created column called Animal Shelter Name (with the power fx formula). initial shelter. sheltername.

And then in the app I cannot see the information...


Any idea to solve it? . thanks in advance!

Hey Ignacio-G, After messing around with trying to just import the excel files. I started from scratch, creating every column for my tables, with lookups and formulas. Once I did that, I did the basic import (which has an added step of updating your date columns to "Use Local". English (United States) using the .xlsx file. This brought everything in after some time. Just make sure you get all of your choice entries correct (There is a random Cow in there that doesn't have a shelter that takes cows.). Hopefully that helps. I know it was a lot more work that I originally planned. 


Good Luck! 

Thats good to know @jhwilliams ! Congrats ! I found an easy way to import files, from the app but importing them as a XML sheet 2003  version. That way i didn't encounter any issue. 


Right now i am struggling to get data using the lookups  as @StineN did... i really dont know why i cant.



Well... finally I could mapped the field Shelter Name using the lookup Initial Shelter, without @StineN method... I find it strange because at first it didn't work. So , in the end, only with the lookup you should be able to search a particular field in other table without doing extra work... ideally haha.

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