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How to use Chatbots inside SharePoint pages (no-code) - Power Virtual Agents

Hi Community,


In this article, you will able to add Power Virtual Agents chatbots to SharePoint pages without writing any codes.

I developed a component to do a better integration with SharePoint Modern Pages using SharePoint Framework (SPFx).



Component developed to do a better experience for SharePoint users with chatbots inside modern pages.



  • SharePoint Framework
  • FluentUI
  • Power Virtual Agents
  • React/Typescript



  1. Download the package - click here
  2. Deploy the package to App Catalog - click here
  3. Add the web part to your Site collection - click here
  4. Add the web part to your Modern page - click here 
  5. Edit the web part properties (you will find 4 properties below) - click here
    1. BOT ID: internal parameter provide by Microsoft - click here
    2. BOT Name: name that you want to show inside your Modern page
    3. BOT Logo: an icon that you want to use in the header when you chatbot is open
    4. BOT Image: an image that you want to use in the Modern page to user clicks to open the chatbot
      You can see this image that I followed the height and width (max height= 150):
      1. Site -  COVID19 Volunteer - Self4Society (
      2. Image - myGov_Prerna3.png (208×188)

  6. Done!


The demonstration below is just a sample using fake data with Power Virtual Agents and SharePoint.

Video demonstration 


Resolver I

Awesome @renatoromao  - This is going to be useful for many people. Well done!

Thanks, again, @renatoromao! I've just added it to my pages and all seems good!


Great job!

~ lah

Thanks, @lahddah  and @nmk ! 🙂



This is so beautiful and it comes as expected.

I wanted to know how do we achieve Single sign on authentication If we add bot using the above solution.

@renatoromao Great article and easy to follow.


A question: Does the bot get the content from SharePoint? If so,how do you make that happen?


My page is a classic sharepoint site and I already have build my bot using PVA. All i need to do is place this bot as a mascot on the footer of the homepage.

Hello Renato Can you please upload the Source Code for the above solution in the git for reference

Hi @renatoromao I got this error message "Invalid SharePoint App package. Error: File contains corrupted data." .


Do you have any ideas why?