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Resolver I
Resolver I

Ever since Power Virtual Agents (PVA) have gone GA in December 2019, we’ve seen significant updates to this total No-Code visual authoring canvas. As an avid Conversational AI enthusiast, I have been following and implementing all of these updates either in my solutions or the demos at work. Out of several other improvement areas, Bot Framework Skills have been phenomenal both from the Framework perspective and also from the PVA support endpoint.


New Member

I recently build my first Chatbot with Power Virtual Agent and I want to share my experiences with you. At first I wanted to give you an overview over what PVA (that’s how the cool kids name it) is and how to get started.



Ever been there? You know what question you want to ask to a chatbot, but it is not trained to understand it, so instead telling you, it doesn’t know the answer, it’s just constantly asking you to rephrase the question?