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Action to restart PVA from a previous point in the flow tree

Scenario: With the newly integrated PVA for Teams, it's an exciting tool to build a chatbot for internal use. We built a chatbot that will provide production updates on specific orders.

Sometimes users will have multiple orders and can only reinitiate a topic from the beginning by manually typing a trigger phrase again. It would be useful if the PVA can already be set up to "restart" the topic if a condition is met (i.e. "Do you have another order? > ["Yes", "No"] > If Yes, repeats the topic).


Request: Have an Action or Condition, probably stemming from a question or message, to be able to start the topic from the beginning, or a specific point in the PVAs flow tree. Similar to the ability to "Go to another Topic" or Forms branching to restart from a previous question.

Photoshopped example for illustration sake.
repeat an action.jpg

Forms branching example 
Forms example.JPG

Status: New