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Adaptive Cards

Status: Under Review

Updating status


You read my mind!!! 

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You have my vote Gupta! I just came to filed this up 🙂 


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@pawan-msft So, maybe that's because the experimental WeatherSkill doesn't work now? I believe the weather forecast is returned in an adaptive card...I didn't see they weren't supported yet.

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I have written a skill that returns adaptive cards with an image. It works fine when i deploy the PVA bot to teams channel, I can see the card with the image. However on the web chat client in the azure portal it does not display the image and no errors are logged. 


This is the error logged on the PVA chat bot:

"The card could not be rendered. It is either malformed or uses features not supported by this host"




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Any update on when this featured will be delivered?

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@Shinal , can you share the code or guide on how you did it? I'm looking for the same.

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We need this 🙂

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Yeah, in a Skill developed with Bot Framework, this can be done easily. I think it would be nice if we have this native supported in Power VA 😊

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We need this too.! please.! 

Status changed to: Under Review

Updating status