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Add Star Rating control - Power Virtual Agents



We want to custom the star rating control.

Status: New
Advocate II

It baffles me why only the Confirm Success has the star rating. What about user's who aren't satisfied with the answer the bot gave them (i.e. answer No at "End of Conversation" topic and are passed to the Confirm Failure topic). Surely there should be a chance to survey them too to ensure the customer satisfaction rating isn't skewed by only accepting responses from those customers who think the bot answered their question. The bot creator needs this flexibility to decide when and when not to survey.

Advocate I

Prefer the ability to (unforced) rate a response (such as thumbs up/down etc. in Teams) rather than just at the end of the interaction.

Advocate II

I understand we could link to power automate and track the ratings.... if necessary.



Frequent Visitor

I would like change the "stars" by "emojis"     😀  😊   😐   😪   😠  

Regular Visitor

Can I customize the star rating message to indicate 1=very unsatisfied to 5=very satisfied?