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Add click & drag functionality in authoring canvas

The authoring canvas desperately needs functionality for being able to click & drag nodes (i.e. Ask a question, a Condition, Show a message, etc.). There have been many times when I had a chain of nodes and removed a node somewhere in the middle that was no longer needed, then all of the nodes after that point become orphaned. For one thing that should not happen - the node below the deleted node should just take the place of the deleted node. But if ever there are orphaned nodes or just a node I want to move to a different place in the sequence, I would really like to just be able to drag the nodes to where I want them. Currently the only workaround in these situations is to drag the pointer to the node to where you want it to go, but then it will orphan the current child node(s) below, and you can't drag the bottom plus sign to a node so really the only solution for orphaned nodes is to re-create all of them  all over again, which is very frustrating.

Status: New