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Adjust entities and phrases based on historical patterns of chat - have the bot learn over time and use from the conversations

Over time as the bot asks people questions, and parses responses, it should be able to weight, score or even add new synonyms and trigger phrases based on which ones work well and which ones don't. Think about the case where a user asks for: Weather in Oregon, the bot might interpret it to mean something else or don't understand and the user rephrases to: hourly weather for Portland and the bot recognizes that. Basically, you could infer that the original unknown phrase was leading to the same and even confirm with the user: "I see you are looking for hourly weather in Portland, Oregon. Was this the same thing you were looking for when you asked for 'Weather in Oregon'?"

'In any case, we should be able to recursively use what we have learned along the way to enrich the bot?


Status: New