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Allow PVA bot to context switch to any other topics between questions and actions

Today there is a limited where user can only switch to other topics when last node in the flow is message. If last node was 'question' or 'action', user is forced to submit the answer. For example,


Know Me Topic:

Question: What is your name?

User reply: Hello PVA

Bot will take string "Hello PVA" as a name. Instead bot should have triggered 'Greeting' topic and, then came back to original question 'What is your name?'


This could also seen as seamless 'context switching between topics'.

Status: New
Advocate I

So... are we expecting invalid registered names or invalid answers or invalid nodes, or invalid word phrases?

Advocate II

@FranciscoOrozcoI did not understand your response. Name was just an example, goal here is to be able to switch between topic at 'question' node. So it could be any question node, asking for name,city or, 'users entire response'.