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Allow comparison of 2 PVA variables in the same condition node

Scenario - you asked user to enter 2 values and you want to compare the values to confirm they are same, to my knowledge, currently there is no way to do that in PVA and you end of calling Power Automate/flow for such a mundane task (although, I bundled multiple tasks before calling flow but that's not the point)


One of many use cases: I was testing the new Azure VM connectors to start, reboot VMs and for such a critical task I wanted the user to enter it twice to confirm but found no way to compare 2 PVA variables in Condition node.


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New Member

Much needed feature.

New Member

Agreed on this, we aren't able to compare 2 PVA variables in the condition. It will much more appreciated once resolved soon !!!

Super User
Super User

Yes a much needed feature.  My current work around is pass both values in Power Automate to check and return true or false.