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Allow hand-off to a user(s) in MS Team (low/no code)

Power virtual agent hand off to a human agent is not straight forward and require engagement hub and ton of coding to get it working which many clients can't afford. 


The solution that will work for many customers would be to have MS teams integrated  with PVA for hand-off:

  1. Define the a set of users (or a Team) in the hand-off node
  2. Based on the status of users, the chat will be routed directly to a user in Team 
Status: New
Advocate III

Excellent feature and I need it internally for our HR, since now I have a problem when I want to transfer to live agent I need to transfer it to Dynamics...

It would be great to have a feature to transfer inside Microsoft Teams.

I can send a message as a Flow to HR employee but I can't connect person talking with a chat bot and HR employee directly. 😞