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Allow "All other conditions" in multiple choice question

When the user does not answer the multiple choice question, one should be able to trigger a specific action.
In my example below, if the user doesn't answer "Oui" (yes) or "Non" (no), I would like to trigger an action.
Unfortunately today it never passes in this condition.




Status: New
New Member

I faced the same issue. 

Would be nice that when an answer is not recognized or does not fall in between the options, it can route to "the other conditions". 


Otherwise it keeps on looping... 


Is there already a response from Microsoft?

Advocate II

We are facing the same issue, as it will keep looping. It doesn't always come up for me either when making a question prompt, sometimes I have to completely redo a question because all other conditions isn't there which gets you stuck in a loop if you write anything but yes or no (for example). 🙂