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Allows text input while "Multiple Choice Option"

Hello to all!


Some times give the user some Option Set it's good to route the user to the necesary thing, but sometimes the user skip this and make another question in order to get another answer.



The problems come when the user type something instead of use the Option Set. The Chatbot aren't taking this as a input value in order to set the variable and then the chatbot will say that can't understand this.



Allows the user to use the Option Set or use the input text as a value to make conditions.



Pd: If you have the same issue and wants to add more things, please add a comment and I will update the idea.

Status: New
Helper I

You can achieve this in  PVA by providing an option for "All other conditions", see below. This allows the user to either select an option or type any other text phrase. 


Just click on the "+" node right below your question.


Responsive Resident

Hello @kzaidi,


First thanks for you comment. The thing that comments it's already tested and it's not working. But anyway when I have seen your message I have tried it and it still does not work.


So please in case that for you works could you provide more information about you Environments, etc?