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Analytics for child topics

Would be great if the analytics for Power Virtual Agent also worked when you call a custom topic from another topic.  We are allowed to call a topic from another topic but it doesn't register within the analytics


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@Garking Did you get any way to get register analytics for child topics?


If you create your own Power BI report and retrieve the chatbot (bot), chatbot subcomponent (botcomponent), the many-to-many relation between the two (bot_botcomponent), as well as the conversation transcripts (conversationtranscripts), then through a bit of Power Query you should be able to get to the desired results.


I did a quick POC and achieved something like that:




But I'm curious, what would the ideal report look like for you?

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@HenryJammes Can you please provide some reference link how to go with the same one as you did.