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Attach file to Power Virtual Agents



We need to attach files into the chatbot using the Power Virtual Agents.


Thanks! 🙂

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Great idea! We also need the ability to attach files / screenshots to chatbots as we are planning to use this to log tickets in a connected system.

While we provide better in-app support for this, you can do the following,


  1. Deploy a custom web-canvas (see documentation) that supports attaching images / files
  2. Upload the image / file to your own Azure Blob storage
  3. Send the URL as a message activity (response to a question node) so that it gets assigned to a variable
  4. Use that URL in Flow / Skills to achieve your desired outcome

We've provided a github sample that attempts to mimic this capability.



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Thanks @pawan-msft !

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Hello: I have a skill linked to my PVA which is able to process an attachment.

I have hooked up this PVA to Facebook with which I try to send the attachments:

The PVA is blocking the attachment message transfer to the skill with a blocking(confirmed checking skill conversation state logging: message is never received) "Could you please tell me that using text ...". This is working fine when calling the skill directly.

In short: imho the PVA should not process/block messages intended for a skill(intended for complex tasks that PVA can't handle yet) else there is no point in extending with skills?

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hi @pawan-msft 

The above workaround suggested doesn't work for all scenarios and it must be included as a built-in feature. 

It was raised almost over a year and i think its been voted enough times that PVA team should pick it up. Its not even in upcoming features or waves. How can such a basic feature missing from the PVA? 😞