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Blank response from Power Automate causes error in Power VA

Hey guys, we're setting up a bot to automate support for our (very large) Azure DevOps account and we hit a few issues.  I'm going to document them individually to assist with others who might be searching for the same issue.


I had a support issue raised on this so you have this already but we noticed that sending back a response from Power Automate causes the topic to fail and throws a Conversation ID error.  This was especially bad as our Escalate topic had this issue and the user got stuck in a loop (we send an email through Power Automate and we don't need to return anything).  This was resolved by sending back a string that we don't use.


IMO either blank responses from Power Automate should be handled or I should be getting an error inside of Power Automate (Flow) when I attempt to send a blank response back to the bot.


Thanks.  Just submitting, no need to respond.

Status: New