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Bot show typing message to user wait for the response



We want to show "Bot is typing..." when the chatbot is loading skills or authentication or another thing.


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It's such a great idea, Renato! 

In a palliative way, I used a flow in Power Automate to have this feature.


Check this out below.

Power Virtual Agent canvas: 


PVA SchemaPVA Schema


Flow - Delay Between Messages, 6 seconds scheduled


Power Automate - 6 Seconds DelayPower Automate - 6 Seconds Delay



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Resolver I

This is very important and a native support would be very helpful.

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hmmm native support.  I don't quite get it. everything is on the site.  @nmk 

let me know if I/we can be of any potential support. email me. i might have some basics.


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I implemented it but our testers got back with some questions. The message "Joana (or whatever name the bot have) is still present in the conversation even after the bot is done "typing". Is there a way to make those messages disappear when the answer is presented?  


Have a really wonderful day! 



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You wish the bot name hides instead of displaying while "on-typing" during chat conversation? correct?

@renatoromao @Jeff @SFMicrosoft 


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Well, no. 

Imagine someone is typing a message in Teams or any messenger app. You see a couple of bouncing dots. When the message is delivered the dots disappear and is replaced by the actual message. 

Like this:


Typing dots 


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any new here from the product team? the request is from 2020, we are 22 now!