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CSV import for Power Virtual Agents

A CSV import option for questions and answers would be ideal.

I have just added 197 questions.  Ideally I  would like to be able to just import each question (and perhaps a number of variations) and one simple bot answer for each question.   

Status: New

Thank you for the suggestion. At GA next month, you will be able to import suggested topics from a website and create a new topic with a single click on each. For example, import question/answer topics from an FAQ website. But not from a CSV yet. This is on the backlog to address in a future release.

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Here is a Climate Change bot if anyone wants to give it a spin.   


The content is taken from I added 197 questions with a simple answer for each question.  I have a feeling that I need to train it up a little, but an interesting start.



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It would also be helpful to import from Q&A maker for those of us who have already created content there.

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Please add a function that can be imported as an Excel file.

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Is there a "bulk" upload option - either xml/json/text that we can use to specify the category, keywords, answer,  for the bot?
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I am looking to see if we can do a bulk import of question and answers from excel/csv ?