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Change order in which Entities are displayed for a user

I wish there was a way to change the order in which entity items are displayed when options are presented to a user. It would make the creator's and the user's experience way smoother if we could easily reorganize the entity items instead of having to delete them and re-create to impact the order.

Status: New
Resolver I
Resolver I

I agree and voted this idea as currently it's painful to resort the entities items. Removing / Renaming them affects the dependent conditions.

Advocate II

I definitely agree.  I see it is painful having to delete entities and/or variables at point of potentially organizing conditions (starting at 3-4 items)

@Jef @Renato 


You can 🙂

When selecting the entity items to go in your list, the order in which you select them determines the order in which they appear.

Advocate I

@PeterRobertson Agreed to some extent 😉