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Change the selected language when creating the BOT

It would be interesting to be able to change the language of the bot even after it has been created. Today after the language choice it is not possible to change it, which generates rework.
For example: I created a complete bot in PT-BR the company decided to use the BOT in the USA, I exported the bot in PT but the system sentences I can not change because the primary language was PT-BR, so I needed to create the BOT from scratch to stay with the correct language.


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Hi @DiegoPeres , you meant you may have a preference for the end user to easily dynamically change the language of the bot? one the power virtual agent.

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No, I am talking about the BOT structure, an example is when you type "restart" the bot returns a message, "got it, I'll start over", this is a system message that can't be changed ... besides the system flows where the trigger phrases can't be changed.