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Create a Master bot and redirect to another bots - Power Virtual Agents



We want to create a master bot and depending on the condition, we redirect to another bot.



Master PVA bot get user input.

Master PVA, provide user authentication using existing PVA capabilities. and, flows out in 2 paths.

  • If user token is received -
  • If user token is not received.

Based on some information present in a token, master will call respective Child PVA bot. For example, if in JWT token user belongs to 'HR group', master will send user to HR PVA bot.



Status: New
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The feature of redirecting to other bots will also help if you want a bot to switch to another bot for other languages. So this idea sounds cool!

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This is also important so that I can have multiple omnichannel's set up and get to them from a central place

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This is a must!!


Redirecting between bots allows you to manage much better environments where a single bot would be excessively large, for example use a bot as an orchestrator, or redirect between bots for specific business areas.


We need this 🙂

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You mean a master bot, that speaks all languages as well?


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You mean a master bot, that speaks all languages as well?


A Bot speaking all languages maybe it's more complex to maintain. If you can call another bot from within a first it's much easier to redirect users between business bots and different languages without having a monolitic huge bot. 

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This is a great idea and hopefully something Microsoft starts working on if they're not already. It's critical to be able to segment different responsibilities to different bots. Creating one bot with several different topics could become too complex to manage, even if you segregate them in to different topics. Please make this happen, Microsoft! 

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Future potentially considering a master language bot maybe helpful.


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