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Create a license based on pay per use - Power Virtual Agents

$1.000 per 2.000 sessions per tenant/month is very expensive to sell on small businesses.


My suggestion is to create a license based on pay per use, like Microsoft Azure licenses.

For example: I used 500 sessions in December, I will pay $250 at the end of this month.

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+1 it's too expensive. 


I'm sure my idea of how to use this is not what the developers wanted it to be used for, but at the current pricing, after conversion to local currency, I could probably hire a part time junior to type my answers 😞 

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Too expensive!  

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I got excited about how to use this in Operations to field our basic regular questions for Marketing, IT, Compliance and HR but we are an SME with 125 users this pricing model makes it a non starter.  Use base model for small SMEs would be really helpful

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I work as a Digital Transformation Consultant for small business. The capabilities of the Power VA chat bot are exactly what I need to have this conversation with my customers. However, the entry pricing is simply prohibitive.

Consider that I can do the following: = $50 per month pro = $49 per month

PowerApps Plan 2 = $10 a month


Additional config time = $1,000


So with a little more time upfront, I can completely replicate this functionality by hooking into SharePoint then bouncing into the CDS through PowerAutomate for $109 a month.


It might not be as nice, it might have issues, but in the first year it would save the customer $9,692. If you were running a small business, which would you do? It would be much better to charge on the Azure model for actual consumption rather than some arbitrary number. That way, the customer can find out if it works before getting stung (a 14 day free trial is essentially worthless, as I suspect you know).

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US$ 1,000 for 2K sesiones is a barrier for entry !!!. 

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Have spoken to Microsoft and this is apparently being looked at as a matter of urgency.

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Completely agree. To me, it's not that its "too expensive" (per session at least), but rather that the entry point is WAY to high. I just had a large multinational client laugh in my face when I showed them the licensing plan. This is a new technology, not fully adopted and with uncertain ROI. If you want these early adopters to take a chance on it, make it so the pricing helps us do so.

Make a pricing per use (1$ per session ?) where we can test ideas and one where we can commit to a certain volume (the current 1000$ for 2000 sessions is fine there).

I hate to see great products die because of poor, entirely fixable licensing choices... 😕

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+1 there needs to be an lower entry point or a consumption based model. 

I don't even take the time to experiment with it cause I don't know how would pay for it. 

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I was doing some staff with Power Virtual agent for my company, and when I went to the pricing I got shocked,

It's too high, so expensive, it's more than 1 year in Dynamics business central.


I hope this will be reduced to a minimum charge USD50 and increase by consumption.



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I agree I just started playing around with PVA and the price is too high. I'm am currently using the trial and after my trial expires having to create another trial to continue learning Kills the flow especially when you have multiple bots ideas you are working on. Having me pay 1000 dollars to continue to develop and learn is just not going to happen. at least provide a PVA Developer license.