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Create a license based on pay per use - Power Virtual Agents

$1.000 per 2.000 sessions per tenant/month is very expensive to sell on small businesses.


My suggestion is to create a license based on pay per use, like Microsoft Azure licenses.

For example: I used 500 sessions in December, I will pay $250 at the end of this month.

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New Member

I agree with this idea!


It's important to remember the tens of thousands of small businesses that have 50 employees or less.  This is a horrible barrier to entry that most small businesses can't seriously consider, much less implement. 


I'm also thinking from the perspective of a new developer who wants to learn this technology.  Beyond a (very short) free trial, most developers are not going to have access to PVA long enough to be helpful at all. 


I can't imagine most dev's being brave enough to approach their manager with this kind of dollar figure.