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Dissimilar functionality in Web vs Teams channels.


We have noticed that the functioning of the bot is different in Web channel  and Teams. Due dissimilarities in functionality, we are unable to use the bot in Teams channel. So we are restricted to use the bots on Web.


Example :  We have a topics with multiple region specific responses. So we configured the topics to enable the user to choose the regions and based on the choice, bot provides the response.


Funtionality In Web: Once the user chooses a region,  response will be given and region buttons are not visible. 


Functionality In Teams: Once the user chooses a region , region buttons are still visible and users tends to go back and try to click the other region options.  when user click the other region buttons, Bot responds by mentioning  "Sorry, I didn't understand".  User experience is not good , and users are not satisfied with this functionality in Teams. 


Solution: Same functionality as mentioned above as web channel should be incorporated in Teams Channel.


We are looking forward that Microsoft will address this issue and maintain same functionality  across the channels.




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Attaching the screenshots for your reference.