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Easy Upload/Export of Trigger Phrases and Entity Synonyms

I am working on a massive internal FAQ-style virtual agent which will eventually be upgraded to perform tasks. 


The bot will offer up options and narrow down from generic to specific subjects but I also want for it to be able to pick up on a user's typed out question and lead them to the right answer while skipping the options. I found a way to do this by using entities together with trigger phrases - I simply duplicate all synonyms for the entities and add them to the trigger phrases so the bot can launch the topic. Once the topic is launched, PVA recognizes the question as an entity and takes the user straight to the specific answer skipping the options part.


While it's a working solution, I find it very time-consuming to have to manually input each trigger phrase and each synonym into PVA. The "want" or suggested idea is to have a way to easily upload a list of trigger phrases and entity item synonyms (copy/paste from an Excel file?). I think it could also be great to be able to export a list of trigger phrases for the backend planning of the PVA structuring.


If anyone has found / knows a better way around this, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thank you ‌‌🤖

Status: New