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Expand search capabilities from Virtual Agent Dynamics 365

Is it possible that we can extend the search area in this highlight search bar? Currently, the search only applies in the Topic Titles. It would be very helpful if it can also include the content of all the topics.


Status: New

@ismendesThanks for submitting the idea. @ggupta Any thoughts on this?


Thanks for the suggestion. We have this in the backlog, but its not on our immediate radar. If it helps, you can put potential keywords in the topic name, so when you search, it will come up. Hope this helps. Thanks.

Regular Visitor

Keywords will not help, when you need to search topic text and replace it.



You have a product name or design principle text change and need to standardise on a new product name or change a specific phrase in all your workflows. Today the only way is to open every workflow and manually review.