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Export topics and full content of authoring canvas for each topic from PVA to Excel

After having spoken for quite a long time with Microsoft engineers, currently there is no feature available that allows an export of current list of PVA topics and related answers included in the Authoring Canvas to an excel sheet that would enable us to quickly review and assess which topics need to updated by having both of them (topics and message only).


Currently, the only available option is to access each topic in PVA, open the authoring canvas and review the message(s) contained in there, which implies a very time consuming exercise if applied to 238 topics (current number) and even more when it will be applied to the number of topics we will have in 6 months' time. A simulation of the process is provided below:


Access topic in PVA


Access topic in PVAAccess topic in PVA

Access topic in authoring canvas


Access Authoring Canvas.PNG

Review answer


Review answer.PNG

What would be extremely useful is an excel report easily downloadable from the PVA page (perhaps from the Analytics section?) containing:


  1. List of topics
  2. Messages (i.e. answers) for each topic

An example of what the excel sheet could look like is provided below:




Many thanks for considering implementing such feature, I guess many users might find it definitely useful!


@renatoromao Feedback?

Status: New