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For action paramters and variables, have an expression builder similar to power automate

When building a flow, I have a lot of ways to Initialize and set variables. I can use other expressions to populate them, but in PVA, I can only take user input to populate them. I would love to be able to build an expression that could populate. 


In my case, I am building an ICM ticketing escalation path (which I will write a short whitepaper on). I'd like to keep the solution flow generic, which means some values I would like to populate without the users knowledge from the topic instead, such as escalation source or chat ID (which I referred to in more detail when looking for system strings to be available.


By having a rich expression builder, I can populate the variables and strings in a much wider variety of ways then just trapping user inputs.


Status: New

Hi@jpirelli, thanks for the idea and look forward to your whitepaper. 


Could you be a bit more specific on the "flow's expression" approach you referred to? Do you mean initializing the chat with some preset context to the conversation?


Happy to learn more!


-Jeff [MSFT]


Hey Jeff,


Thanks for the reply, and I am MSFT too, hence the ICM part.


In flow, you can operate on variables by initializing them then performing various operations (set, append) and even nest them within a loop for more complex or iterative operations. Some operations may be specific to the steps of the flow, and some may be values I set within the flow.


In my example, I'd like to create a generic flow to handle inputs. Ideally, I could assign some hidden parameters such as what BOT I am using or the current topic when I make the call for audit and correlation. Even more so, I could use data like that to properly route the ticket instead of having to do that by making separate flows. 


There are many other scenarios, such as logging that could benefit from being able to handle variables behind the users view. Some examples there would be timestamps, or keyword use, or who knows what the future may bring 🙂