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Generate topics from secured SharePoint online sources

Right now the generate topics features only works on web pages publicly accessible... I would like to see this functionality extended to work with Office 365 (and particularly SharePoint online) sources that typically require authentication to access. E.g. similar to how Power Automate can connects to authenticated Office 365 resources today.

Status: New
New Member

Something like this needs to be added. Public-only facing resources are not enough if a Power Virtual Agent has an internal only use. There are many use cases for an internal PWA but the data to put in there has to either be from a public, online place or manually inputted. I hope something like this is added soon!

Impactful Individual

This feature would be great. Using PVA as an internal team resource means that if we could point it at our SharePoint Site and it extracts insights from those, this would allow us to ask the PVA a question, rather than hunt through all the SharePoint pages. A real must for me.