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I want to access metrics information on power VA for Teams externally

I didn't find away to access dataverse or feature of Microsoft Teams and collect all the informations about the bots that were implemented on Power VA for Teams, and this problem stop our thoubleshooting and prevent manutention, because when we want to get the details of conversations to implement one new topic or fix some detail on bot scope, we can't access for these informations.



Someone know an option so solve this case, maybe with power BI access?

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How about analytics, or data insights, power BI? 

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Hi @FranciscoH

My problem is an access the transcript conversations of bot created on power VA for Teams externally, for example on Power BI as a dashboard solution.


I found on Microsoft Power Platform Licensing Guide that Microsoft Teams have a limitation of space to storage, but we can't access data from power virtual agents on teams dataverse. That is correct?