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Insert the Power Virtual Agents into the Community Plan



I use a lot the Community Plan (individual user) to learn more about the Power Apps, Power Automate and CDS, and to aggregate value on the Forum, Blog and Microsoft communities.

Please, insert the Power Virtual Agents into this plan, because it is impossible to pay $1.000 to learn.


Thanks! 🙂

Status: New
Advocate I

Also voted for this. I also think they need a better charging mechanism - not a very SaaS cloud way of billing just for usage.

Advocate I
Advocate I

I agree.  I'm currently learning PVA outside of my regular business hours with the intent on demo'ing a scaled-down working model to my employer while being able to answer - what I'm sure will be - a flurry of their follow-up, use-case scenario questions.


Unfortunately, with most people's day-to-day responsibilities, a 30 or 60 day trial period - though appreciated - puts far too much stress on an already pressured situation of learning a new skill.


Perhaps you'll consider a solution that would disable all deployment options after the 30 and 60 day trial periods but would allow continued, unlimited admin-level access to the rest of the necessary configuration tools .