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Invite developers to collaborate on Power Virtual Agents

Support adding other developers in your organization to view/modify/create Topics and flows in Power Virtual Agents.


A comprehensive permissions model is desirable, with control for view/modify/create at each Bot/Topic/Action level.

Status: Completed
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It is very important function.

Generally, customer/internal support provided by support team. Bot editing too.

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Stumbled on this post from earlier this week:

response from MS: "Unfortunately it is currently not supported to allow multiple users to access the same bot.  This is an important item that is on our roadmap. Please stay tuned for future release!"

Status changed to: Started
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@chass Is there an updated timeline for this release?



Multiple users can edit topics at the same time within a botAdmins, makers, or analysts, automatically-Jun 2020
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Hi @B22 , @Nick_P1 , @koquinn , @chass ,


The idea was completed!


Status changed to: Completed