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Multi language option in Bot

we have bot created in teams through PVA which is currently in English. we would like it to give options to end user to share their preferred language to get support like _ English/French/Spanish/Japanese. If end user selects any of these languages; the further conversations should happen in that Language. 

we don't prefer to create multiple bots in these preferred languages nor we would like to have Topics manually created in these preferred languages. We would like to have 1 Bot that should have translation feature enabled to get these conversations in the preferred language selected by the end user 


DO we have this functionality available, if Yes, please help to share the steps on how can we achieve this. If not can we have this developed?

Status: New
Regular Visitor

It baffles me that this is the only note of such a function I can find on this site. 

Should be on any chatbot-roadmap.

Could we at least get a comment on the plausibility and if plausible, a timescale on which to expect it?