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PVA - Slot refill option


For e.g.: I have slots like color, name, city and my phrase is "send orange flowers to Mike living in orange."

This can cause slots to be filled like this

-color and city =Orange


If I put a confirmation question at the end , i have to re-write the questions in separate variables/slots.


Idea for solution:

If the slot is not captured correctly from user's natural phrase, when dev uses a conformation question with multiple options:


Recommended way:

There should be some way of reusing the same questions i wrote before by pointing line connector to previous question to fill the same slot. Also, after re-filling the slot bot should not go through the remaining questions (if any) and should skip them as they are correct and come back to same confirmation question again.



When I repoint to previous question the bot asks all the remaining questions even if they have been answered previously (even if SKIP flag is set).










Status: New