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PVA to start the conversation using the Omnichannel widget

Hello there,


A few days ago I created this thread to find out if it was possible to skip the triggering phrase when using the Omnichannel widget:


It turned out that is not possible (confirmed it on ticket support that suggested to post this idea here) as this feature is only available using a custom canvas like it's explained on this blog post:


I think it'd be great if it were possible to configure this on the PVA UI so there's no need customize this using code, but if this is not possible it'd good enough to expose the ability to trigger events while using the Omnichannel widget so we can interact with bot by sending a "startConversation" event like it was described on the previous link.


This is currently not possible as by using the Omnichannel widget we only have available the following methods:


Thank you

Status: New