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Problem with Microsoft PowerApps Office Add-Ins for Excel

Power Apps Office Add-in is only supported when users are able to access the Office Store. For the typical use-case of using “Edit in Excel” from the Power Apps portal, it cannot solely be managed by central deployment.

This is because the Excel file downloaded from the Power Apps portal contains a metadata reference to point to the Office Store. In theory, this reference could be manually changed to point to a locally-hosted version of the add-in, but it cannot be changed to point to central deployment.

When Microsoft providing a feature to manage the add-in via Centralized Deployment and on the other hand, the add-in deployed through this method are not supported by the excel file downloaded from the PowerApps portal and to make it work, we need to turn on the setting “Let user access the Office Store”. In that case, what is the purpose of having Centralized Deployment feature.

Our requirement is that metadata reference on the excel download from PowerApps portal should also support the add-in pushed via Centralized Deployment. Enabling the setting “Let user access the Office Store” will allow all the users in the organization to download any add-ins (which is unsafe) and it will conflict our existing settings.

Status: New