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Receive whole Conversation by email



The idea is to receive easily the conversation by email.

The user can inform that want to receive the conversation and the email, and PVA sends automatically the conversation.



Status: New
New Member
I Agree, the getting bot script from CDS is so much headache, on top of it, it is unreadable... there should be some interface to call it and send it if required by email or stored for analysis to improve bot topics...
Advocate II

is it the CDS-Dataverse conversation script formatting and participants not easily identifiable? do we need power automate to email the script? power automate is a conventional tool with easy to integrate to power virtual agents.



New Member

This sounds like such an basic Idea for a chatbot to be able to send a transcript at the end of conversation via email. Hope this gets implemented soon. 

New Member

Did this idea follow through? It would be really helpful.